Yeti Monster - AAAA Cubensis
Yeti Monster - AAAA Cubensis

Yeti Monster - AAAA Cubensis

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Very High Potency Limited Quantity

One look at our Yeti Monster magic mushrooms, and you’ll know why they’re so special. The cap is extraordinary and features waves or folds at the ends. 

Thanks to its albino background, the entire Yeti Monster magic mushroom is white. Even when dried, Yeti shrooms stay massive. Yeti Monster effects are of a different psychedelic quality than other magic mushrooms. 

For starters, most people find that Yeti Monster is incredibly clear in the mind. That means that your thoughts are sharp and unclouded. On the other hand, visual and auditory hallucinations are much stronger than other strains. 

You’ll have intense closed-eyed visuals at higher doses and a wide range of open-eyed visuals.

Dosage Recommendations 
Mild Experience: 0.5 Grams 
Medium Experience: 1-2 Gram 
Intense Experience: Above 2-5 Gram